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19) Sally & Claude 
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Sunday, 20 April 2014 02:20 AM Write a comment

We had a fabulous stay at Katana Villa! The design is very unusual, something we never experienced before, it was as if the creator/owner (Leslie Carleton) built a fantasy dream house based on her love of animals, nature, playful fun, and eloquence. It is a blend of the entire world with a touch of raw mixed with luxury. It is not for people that are up tight and want 5 star perfection, because that is not what Katana Villa is. Rather this place has it's own relaxed style that words cannot describe. It is meant for people that are free spirited that embrace nature and the healing energy that this magical place provides. We left feeling totally relaxed and happy! I must also add that the staff is wonderful! All of them, including those dear ones that live on the property in a tower guarding the front gate - out by the monkey. We will return ! Thank you!!
18) Benjamin Moureau 
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013 08:29 AM Write a comment

When i arrived at Katana Villa with my family, I instantaneously knew that 3 nights here were not going to be enough... We were greeted by Made and Wayan, both super friendly and very helpful.
The villa is just amazing. Very original in terms of colors, material, it is also really comfortable. The beddings are really great as well as the feather pillows! All 3 bedrooms are completely different and all very charming and highly decorated with great mix of influences.
The pool has a great shape and the water slide and fountains (that we can stop when we want) are perfect addition. The sea views are simply stunning and sunrise was amazing.

Breakfast were simple but great, diner at the villa (ordered from Made's restaurant) was perfect to enjoy the villa even more but there is room for improvement for the quality of food. It was perfect not to have to go out every night though.
Internet was fast for Bali standard

Will definitely be back. Highly recommended. Also considering how all the booking process with Leslie was super easy.

17) Brendon Mills 
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Sunday, 24 March 2013 08:11 AM Write a comment

(17) Welcome to the Katana Villa Guestbook upgrade.

16) Karen Haynes 
Perth WA
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Thursday, 23 February 2012 09:28 PM Write a comment

WOW What a fabulous place Katana Villa is, the place is magical, views of the mountains and the ocean are breathtaking! The facilities are top notch and you are really made to feel at home. The pool and grotto or cubby as our 2 yr old called it is amazing and then there's the water slide! Leslie is such a pleasure to deal with, she is so friendly and helpful and responded quickly to all of my questions. The staff are all wonderful and were happy to help whenever they could. We stayed for 7 nights and had slipped into ultra relaxed holiday mode in record time (just a couple of days) We would love to come back but next time for a couple of weeks.
Thanks to you all for making our stay so pleasurable and memorable!!!
15) Maria & John 
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 09:06 PM Write a comment

I just wanted to say that my family and I enjoyed a fantastic stay at Katana Villa in January ! The warm welcome started when we reserved our visit on line with Leslie Carleton. She was great. Then once we arrived, the staff was a perfect extension to her kind professionalism. They were marvelous and really spoiled us rotten! Made Sani was a great hostess that drove us everywhere we wanted, and she also catered meals into katana villa from her restaurant. The sweet butler Wayan taught my son how to drive a scooter, then he took us all to his house for a typical Balinese lunch! (he also showed us a hidden mud scrub area). Over all, our time at katana villa was our Bali vacation highlight...and nothing comes close to the unique design of Katana Villa. It is like magic ! So perfectly put together... like a fantasy come true! Our kids loved the slide (and so did we!). We also enjoyed observing the monkey Shuto and his cat Leo out by the parking. They were so funny together. But the all around favorite of our family was Geisha the dog. We wanted to take her home with us! There are too many good things to say about our stay. It was a great experience to be there and we would like to thank Leslie and the entire staff for welcoming us into Katana paradisei!! We highly recommend Katana Villa for everyone ! big grin
14) Anastasia 
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Monday, 11 July 2011 07:52 PM Write a comment

Leslie and Co)))Thanx for your hospitality)))
Villa Katana - its paradise...
This is really most beautifull place in Bali. And when we will come back, we will come not to Bali, we will come only to Villa Katana, even its very far from Russia.
We had seen a lot of place in Bali...but your HOME (cause its not hotel,its real HOME) - the best place in your island...
13) Jo 
Perth WA
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Thursday, 28 April 2011 08:45 AM Write a comment

Thank you to Leslie and all the staff at Villa Katana. We had such a relaxing and peaceful holiday. The pool and gardens are beautiful. Made was so helpful and made our holiday special . We look forward to returning soon!
12) Michelle 
Sydney Australia
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Thursday, 10 March 2011 08:13 AM Write a comment

What a wonderful stay...Bali's best kept secret!!! smile
11) MikkiZ 
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Thursday, 17 February 2011 02:13 AM Write a comment

Thanks to the entire staff at Katana Villa! I had a fabulous time there with my friends and I have been recommending this beautiful Villa to everyone I meet. No one can appreciate how it really is unless you actually GO THERE to FEEL it! It has magic that can't be described and the staff is so incredibly friendly. The welcome started when the owner Leslie sets up the reservation by email, and you think, oh well, she won't be there, maybe that warm welcome is a dead end street. Wrong! The staff is unlike any I've met in Bali (and I live here). Believe me, when they say to make yourself at home, they really mean it.... and I did feel at home there. Katana Villa is now my SECOND home in Bali because I plan to return 3-4 times a year! I love it that much! Thanks once again -to all of you! Mikkiz
10) gabriele rolandi 
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Monday, 22 November 2010 05:11 PM Write a comment

We had a wonderful stay in Katana Villa in june 2010. We enjoyed the great location, near the ocean facing Lombok island, and the stunning wilderness background. The rooms are tastefully furnished, and the Bali-style garden with the pool is really relaxing. By the way, Amed is not far from all the major attractions of Bali. We are looking forward to come back!
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