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Katana Pets


Katana Villa is said to have a heartbeat as well as the essence of nature and animals, whether it be one of the statues in a pond, a dragon on the wall, a tiger shaped waterspout for your bath or the real thing, as the owners and entire staff are all animal lovers. This property holds the memory of some very special pets. Two dogs and two cats that traveled around the world to live their last years at Katana Villa. Belle, Mignon, Tanto, and Wally. (Their photos can be seen on facebook). However, there was one pet from that group that did not live long enough to reach Bali...

The Name Origin Of Katana Villa:

Katana IguanaMost people think of Katana as being the sword of a Samurai, however although respecting martial arts and the ways of a Samurai, Katana Villa was instead named after one of the most amazing five foot Iguanas that ever lived.  Katana was a loving and highly intelligent love bug who was adored by everyone who met him, including the cats and dogs he grew up with. He was a lover of people, and especially children. 

Katana was a world traveler who enjoyed car rides and spending hours watching sheep graze in the French Alps. He was totally free to roam aournd the house and had dog-like emotions, defying everything one would normally think of as reptile behavior. Sadly, Katana never lived to see his new house in Bali; he died in France just a short time before the big move. Knowing how heart broken Leslie Carleton was, the architect Etha Widiyanto thought of the perfect name when she had to register the building permit. She named it "Katana Villa." Needless to say it was a touching decision, which also made this Villa an even more special place. There has never been a more honored Iguana in the World!

Current Katana Pets

Shuto The Monkey:

Shuto the MonkeyFor those of you who are intrigued with the human-like behavior of a primate, you are in for a treat. Shuto is well known in Bunutan and Amed because he often goes on scooter rides and dines at certain restaurants. He is a Long Tail Macaque who grew up at Katana Villa.  Leslie Carleton and Iluh Eka rescued him when he was a mere 4 months old and has been a member of the Katana family since. Unfortunately we were unable to get him rehabilitated back into the wild. However, he is a happy monkey and gets lots of love at katana Villa! You can enjoy watching several clips of him on youtube as he plays with all of us during  the times we have no guests, including one of him swimming with his ‘king monkey’ Matthias Hues in DIVING MONKEY who can hold his breath longer?

When we have no guests, Shuto lives freely on the property taking his daily swim, hikes, and climbing trees.  Perhaps sometimes in the early morning or at sunset you can see his caretaker Made Rata taking him for nature walks in the undeveloped property. However, when we have visitors he is confined to his large habitat where he can be safely viewed. We no longer allow guests to get near him because he is naughty and unpredictable.  Other than that… he is a real character with a huge personality. He often carries stuffed teddy bears in his arms or mouth. Many of our guests like to offer him old teddy bears as a gift and enjoy watching him unwrap it. He loves toys.

Geisha The Dog:

Geisha & ShutoGeisha is a member of our 24 hour security team. She is a beautiful mix of  German shepard and Bali mut.  She is extremely friendly and not aggressive at all. She only barks when you arrive, but once she knows you are a guest, she will calm down.She roams the property to make sure all is good and sleeps in the tower by the front entrance. She might come in to the pool area to say hello and to check on things. She likes calm voices and sweet talk. If you like dogs, she will be very pleased if you invite her in for visits.  For your pleasure you can view a typical day of the two of them playing together.


Leo The Lion:

Leo & ShutoLeo the Lion is a local cat that was found abandoned under the water tower when he was newly born. Shuto took him in and cared for him just like a parental cat would.  To this day the two of them are bonded like a parent and child. If you are lucky you might be able to see them groom each other or wrestle.  Leo is a working cat, his job is to hunt down unwanted critters that sometimes try to visit Katana Villa.   He lives in the water tower and sleeps many nights with his Papa Shuto.  Since a monkey raised Leo - he does not bother the guests. If he does arrive in the open living room and if a guest does not want him there he understands and will leave.


Toby The Parrot:

TobyToby was a rescue by the family of Iluh Eka who lives on the Katana property with her husband Made Rata and son Noah.  As the story goes, Toby as shot down by locals and broke his wing when he hit the ground. Her family took him in and kept him alive for many years already.  Then Iluh brought him to Katana Villa. He will never be able to fly again, but he still has a great life. He is very happy when guests invite him to sit on the bird stand by the dining room where he can hang from the pedestal and swig back and forth as he exercises his wings.   He is very friendly and talkative. Many guests have enjoyed his company.



Katana TurtlesAt the entrance of Katana Villa we have a turtle pond. Ratu, Rocky, Ringo, & Rat. Ratu is the queen of the pond and the boss over all the others. (she is not nice!) Rocky and Ringo are lovers and very sweet. Ringo is the only male in the pond. Rat has an interesting story, her parents climbed out of the pond one day during a storm and never returned. However before leaving, her mother hid two eggs in the pond. Two months, to our delightful surprise, we found two tiny turtles. Sadly a child guest left Rat’s sister outside the pond unattended and she was never found again. Rat is the smallest and most shy of all. If you like turtles, do not enter the pond (the boulders shift). Please ask Wayan Dolle to take the turtles out for playtime. You can view this on line Balinese girls with Balinese girls with TURTLES vs DOG. If you play with the turtles, please shut the gate and never leave them alone because as soon as you turn your back, our turtles will RUN!

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