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Terms & Conditions


Bookings and Reservations

We are very happy to welcome people from around the world! Please contact Leslie Carleton by email for making reservations.

Villa Capacity

Katana Villa will comfortably accommodate six adults, with the possibility of eight.  For larger families, we have space for children to sleep on floor mats or the couches. Please ask Leslie about the layout and possibilities.

Check in/out time

Check in time is usually after 14:30 and check out is before 12 noon. But times may vary.

Minimum Stay

Three nights.

Terms of Payment

A deposit of only 20-30% of the total amount is asked. A booking confirmation will be emailed to you upon receipt of your deposit. We have provided a payment method through paypal on our contact page, which enables you to pay instantly. There is a 3-4% service charge for this. Payments can also be made by a bank transfer. The remaining balance will be paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival at Katana Villa. If paid by credit card there is a 3% service charge.

Cancellation Policy

For bookings that are canceled 31 days or more before arrival, deposits will be returned in full less a €50 administration fee. For bookings that are canceled 30 days or less before arrival, deposits will be non-refundable. Notices of cancellation must be received in writing (by email and confirmed by Leslie that the cancelation was received). In cases where a guest has confirmed a booking with a deposit but is a no show, the guest will not be refunded the deposit.  If a guest decides to leave Katana Villa early for any reason there will not be a refund for any of the remaining days.

In case of damage

Please inform the staff immediately if something breaks or if a stain occurs so they can remove the stain and clean up the mess. (Most stains can be removed immediately). Any remaining damage caused by a guest will be the responsibility of the guest. Guests will be charged the full cost of any breakage or repair of such damage. At the time of reservation, we ask for a very small token security deposit of $100 - $250, which will be returned at the end of your stay if there is no damage. However, if damage exceeds the deposit, we request that our guests be responsible and pay the additional costs. The owners would like to thank you in advance for your kind respect.


The management of Katana Villa recommends that guests obtain travel insurance for their stay at Villa Katana. We will not be held responsible for any claims for damage, loss or injury of any description whilst a guest at Katana Villa. The villa management and staff will however render as much assistance as they can to avoid or reduce loss or injury to our guests. Our guest’s safety and security is of paramount importance to us at Katana Villa management.

Any furniture, art or amenities listed or shown on the website or other internet sites may or may not be available during your stay due to breakage, power outage, or change of décor.  There will be no refund if a listed amenity or expected object is not available during your stay.

Since we exist in the heart of Bali, within nature and in a local village, we are not responsible for the presence or sound of frogs, mice, geckos, snakes or any other critters that share Katana’s land and air with us. We are also not responsible for any sounds, smells or visuals that might occur outside Katana Villa’s walls. All of these things are out of our control and also a part of East Bali charm!

Katana Villa’s Flooring

Some parts of Katana’s flooring is as beautiful as it is dangerous; especially in the living room! For this reason, wet feet might send you for a nice slide. Please take extreme care and make sure your feet are dry especially if you have just been in the pool. We advise that you ask the staff to put towels on the floor if you have children getting in and out of the pool. Please keep your children under close supervision at all times to avoid any accidents.

Living room center support beam

You will find an antique teak support in the center of the living room right next to the dining table. This old tree trunk holds his arm out as a warm welcome. But beware! His arm might be forgotten and could knock you out.  We suggest you put a towel or a hat on his branch to remind you of his presence.  Please take care during your stay, as we will not be responsible if he slaps you. Sorry!.


All bungalows have alang-alang (straw roofs), which can be a fire hazard, as well as retaining the smell of tobacco. For this reason, it is forbidden to smoke inside any of the bungalows. However you may smoke in the outdoor living quarters ONLY WHEN THE WIND IS NOT BLOWING. Please take care that your ashes do not burn the furniture. Other than that, we do provide quant-smoking areas for our smoking guests. If you smoke, please inform our staff so they can direct you to the smoking areas and provide you with an ashtray.

Please no wet clothing

We want you to think of Katana Villa as your home away from home. However, ask that you wear dry clothing before sitting on the bedding or furniture. Please ask the staff for extra dry towels that you can sit on if you are in a swimsuit and do not wish to change.


We adore when children visit us and find our own delight watching their excitement with the waterslide and hidden pool cave! However, Katana Villa was not created with children in mind so for this reason it is not child proof. Therefore we have some special rules just for kids and we thank you in advance for controlling your children in order to reduce damage or injury.

Please do not allow your children to take things off the walls to play with.

It is forbidden for children to enter any of the ponds. It is extremely slippery, which can severely injure your child.

Children are not allowed to take the turtles in or out of the pond. If your child wants to play with a turtle, Wayan Dolle will be happy to do so.

Please never leave a turtle unattended. We lost at least 3 turtles this way. They are sneaky and fast!

Please do not allow your children to use markers, scissors, or do art projects on any of the furniture or bedding.

Please no jumping on furniture or bedding.

Please do not allow your children to chase or tease the animals. All of our pets are accustomed to kindness and soft-spoken words.  Anything else will frighten them.

Please do not allow your children to throw sand in the pool or ponds, as this breaks the expensive pump systems.

It is not recommended for your children to dig in our decorative sand beach. They will not find a pot of gold; instead they will find a mesh about 3 inches in with dirt under it. Not fun and very messy!

Please watch your children at all times, as we cannot take responsibility in case of accident, damage, or demise. (It is recommended you hire a local nanny for a small fee to watch your children at all times, while in or around the pool).

Swimming Pool, Water Slide & Grotto

The main attraction of katana Villa is the amazing pool with a water slide and hidden cave. However, it was not designed with the idea to be open to the public. So, please take a moment to read, especially if you have children.

We do not have bars or banisters around the pool, stairs, slide, or upper level. Please take care and never leave your children unattended!

The eco-system in our pool is normally light of chemicals and environmentally friendly, so for this reason it cannot take the stress of oils, urine, or dirt.  We have a lovely out door shower where you can remove sand & oils before entering the pool.

No jumping from the waterfall or balcony; our pool is very shallow and for this reason extremely dangerous.

No climbing inside the grotto, as the stones inside are fabricated and fragile. Be careful when you swim into the grotto … you might bump your head!

Please do not throw sand into the pool.

It is recommended that you swim the length of the pool to feel how deep it is before diving in the deep end. Our pool is rather shallow.

If you wish to have the pool cascade turned off or on, you may ask the staff to do it for you.

Scooters & Helmets

We provide 2-3 automatic scooters for our guests and provide helmets. These are Bali Helmets and not good quality. We recommend you bring your own helmets that have passed all road safety measures. We do not provide the gas for you. Please fill it yourself or give money to a staff member to fill it for you.  Please do not drive the scooters if you are not experienced, instead our staff will be happy to drive you. If you are a new driver, do NOT use the black one; it is too powerful for a beginner. If you drive our scooters you are doing so at your own risk and will be responsible for any damage that may occur. Please take care! Hati, Hati!

Eco system and Conservation

Since we have a well - water is like GOLD – especially during dry season.  Please do not leave the shower or water running too long – or you might run out!

Please turn your lights, A/C, television, and fans off while not in use.  Please do not leave your AC running if you are not in your room and only turn it on one hour before you retire for the evening.

If you stay in the Master suite, make sure you shut the bathroom sliding door at night for better AC results.

Please do not flush solid items down the toilets (like tampons and diapers) because our septic is not conducive for that..

Katana animals

Katana Villa’s pets are friendly with guests and the reason why many people choose to visit Katana Villa. However the biggest question is always about our monkey Shuto. No worries! He will be safely confined in his habitat during your entire stay; located next to the parking.  You and your children can safely view him this way. If for some reason you return to the villa and see the staff put him on a wall or tree; STAY AWAY FROM HIM – especially if you have children!! He can reach about 4 meters farther than you think!!! However, If you have no children and want to have Shuto removed from his habitat so you can observe him (from a distance) as he swims or climbs trees, you will need to contact Leslie to convince her that you are responsible for this and will keep a safe distance at all times, as she and Matthias can not be responsible for his actions while they are not on the premises.

All of our pets are healthy and vaccinated.

Feel free to contact Leslie if you have any questions or concerns about Shuto or the other pets.

Finally please be kind and soft-spoken around the katana animals, as this is the Bali way and what they are all accustomed to.

Private property

All items at Katana Villa are privately owned as well as sentimental; The owners leave these things there for your enjoyment during your stay. Please do not remove any items from the premises. Any removal of these items will be considered as theft.


Government tax is included in your price, but tips are not included. In Bali, if you are pleased with the service of the staff, it is a tradition to tip. You can tip what you feel! It is the kind thought and not the amount that matters. If you want to tip, we found it is best to discretely offer it to each staff member separately since they are not always tipped the same and this avoids jealousy. Thank you for your kindness, as they all truly enjoy feeling appreciated by people from around the world.

Thank you for consideration and we look forward to your stay! 
Katana Management

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