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The Villa




Two individual luxurious air-conditioned bungalows with a private garden and one main house with a beautiful master suite which showcases a spectacular sea view from the enormous balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean, as well as a rear view of the beautiful and mystical mountainous Valley of Bangle.

Your Luxury Bali Villa

Amed Bali VillaKatana Villa features an open-air living room of generous proportions, giving you the feel of living life in the tropics with no walls but outfitted and surrounded by every day luxury. A big screen TV, a State of the Art surround sound system, satellite TV including most all major channels, like HBO and ESPN.  A few steps away from the couch is an easy access for a quick dip into the sparkling pool which seemingly enters the living room, as well as being surrounded by Koi and Turtle ponds, giving us the feeling that the fine line of an In-and-outside lifestyle has been permanently removed in Katana Villa.  Nature and living room becomes one; luxury and tropics in one element combined. Set above the amazing outside quarters is the air-conditioned master bedroom suite with a uniquely styled bathroom that invites you to explore the details of living in an artist's dream. Nothing is conventional and will lead you on a journey of discovering and enjoying His and Hers sections filled with a mixture of Indo, Euro, and Japanese.

From the king size bed and the large balcony, enjoy your private stunning view of the Indian Ocean, as well as a State of the Art fitness bike on the huge deck, which allows you to stay in shape while admiring the coastline or the eclectic tropical landscape of Katana Villa, Bali. Next to the main bungalow and master bedroom, are two air-conditioned luxury bungalows for your additional family. The configuration of each bungalow is ideally suited to sleep couples. In our larger family-sized bungalow, we can accommodate another couple or two children. All three bungalows are an architectural adventure, filled with interesting Art and Décor from around the world, with multifaceted and exotic bathrooms; one with an outside waterfall shower embedded in a private tropical landscape hidden away from everyone’s eye.

Villa Staff

Villa StaffKatana Villa has a full time Staff providing you with daily cleaning of the rooms, laundry service, light shopping, and towel and sheet replacement. However, since we are eco-friendly we prefer to replace the sheets and towels every three to four days, or upon your request. If desired, our grounds manager will guide you to local hidden treasures that include a private mud scrub, a local sacred ceremony, or the chance of visiting a typical Balinese family at their home to enjoy their local cuisine and lifestyle. Our staff is also trained to carry passengers on local scooter rides for those of you who prefer to be driven.

Katana Villa has 24/7 security if case of emergency. All staff members are local Balinese. Some of them have been here since the walls were erected and have grown with Katana Villa. They are all hospitable and always eager to help with a genuine smile on their faces, just as Balinese people are so famous for.

The Weather in Bali

Romantic SunsetThe temperature in Bali year round will never really drop below thirty degrees, however even Bali has different seasons known as the dry and wet seasons.  In the wet season, which usually starts in late November and lasts until April or early May, the landscape in East Bali and around Katana Villa is incredibly lush, green, and tropical during this time. Since Bali clouds are vertical in shape, the rain bursts usually only last in short intervals.  But of course no one can forecast the actual down falls so please check weather reports before making your reservation.  During the dry season the landscape changes dramatically in this part of the island, although still tropical it is not as humid as other parts of the Island, reminding many people of the Mediterranean summer weather. You should know that our dry season usually brings a stiff breeze, which often visits Katana Villa in the afternoons. For those of you who love a good Summer breeze, you will truly enjoy this.  It is also recommended to bring a light sweater for the evenings at this time.


Breakfast is included, which consists of eggs, toast, fresh fruit, juice, coffee or tea. Pancakes are also available if requested. Think of Katana Villa as your home away from home. Our kitchen is your kitchen and is fully equipped with all major appliances that will guarantee you the freedom of choice of how and when you can enjoy your own meals. If desired, catered meals can be arranged for an additional charge.  However, our staff will always be available to do light shopping and upon request will assist in any way they can. We can arrange serviced meals for an extra charge. For dinner, if you wish to have a catered dine-in, you need to speak with us in the morning regarding your request. Alternatively, the local village offers some fine restaurants for your dining pleasure. Ask Leslie or our Villa Manager for recommendations. You can simply walk or use our house scooters for transport or get a chauffeur-driven car, which you can book in advance from our staff.


Our crystal clear well water at Katana Villa comes from a fresh Spring source deep underground and we pump it up. Since we are eco-friendly, we ask that you not leave taps running for the welfare of Bali, especially during dry season (June, July, August, September, October).  We would also like to mention that although sweet tasting and drinkable by most standards, we do not recommended that you directly drink the tap water. We will provide you with fresh bottled water in a cooler near the bar.

Contact Details

Before your arrival, we will provide you with the Villa Manager’s private mobile number for your convenience. The country code is 62 and you will need to drop the first zero (0) when calling from overseas. If you are in Bali and using your mobile phone with International roaming, you will need to include the plus sign (+) before the country code of 62. If you are emailing the Villa you can contact us here.

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